My name is Adrian, I am 36 years old and i have very clear goals.

I want to be the right man in the right place!

I have studied business and administration, marketing and management, with the desire to create my own business based on the understanding of the trends and client’s needs.

The “Now” moment is the Key factor that I rely on and for which I provide all the tools I have invested in.

I am convinced that all the experiences in various fields of activity now allow me to take on a lot of abilities such as: patience, attention, respect, critical sense, professionalism.

We have invested in collaborations and vans with quality tools, equipped for added comfort and safety.
I had a time when I put everything in balance, thinking about investing in fitness & wellness, because I spend good part of my time doing sports and healthy eating, but I finally decided to focus on transports with over 4 years of experience in warehousing on most jobs.

I like to travel and feel the pulse of the streets, but the most important reward for me, the smile of satisfied customers..